Vel-Lip-Tuous Velvets

Meet our Vel-Lip-Tuous liquid velvet lipsticks, a velvety smooth liquid cream lipstick that is virtually weightless and pillowy soft. This long wear formula glides on like silk, providing luxuriously intense and pigmented color.  Our Vel-Lip-Tuous Velvets set as an impressionable matte luster that is buildable and will not feather, leaving your lips feeling soft and looking fierce.

Use alone or with an Elizabella Cosmetics Lip Tracer* to create lift and definition to every curve of your flawlessly perfect pout.

Fierce Tip:

Use your fave lip conditioner to lock in hydration before applying.

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Daring Sale price$22.00
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Icon - Elizabella CosmeticsIcon - Elizabella Cosmetics
Icon Sale price$22.00
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Girl Talk - Elizabella CosmeticsGirl Talk - Elizabella Cosmetics
Girl Talk Sale price$22.00
Showstopper - Elizabella CosmeticsShowstopper - Elizabella Cosmetics
Showstopper Sale price$22.00
Siren - Elizabella CosmeticsSiren - Elizabella Cosmetics
Siren Sale price$22.00
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Bella - Elizabella CosmeticsBella - Elizabella Cosmetics
Bella Sale price$22.00
Birthday Suit - Elizabella CosmeticsBirthday Suit - Elizabella Cosmetics
Birthday Suit Sale price$22.00
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Undressed - Elizabella CosmeticsUndressed - Elizabella Cosmetics
Undressed Sale price$22.00
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Raw - Elizabella CosmeticsRaw - Elizabella Cosmetics
Raw Sale price$22.00
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In the buff - Elizabella CosmeticsIn the buff - Elizabella Cosmetics
In the buff Sale price$22.00
Stark Naked - Elizabella CosmeticsStark Naked - Elizabella Cosmetics
Stark Naked Sale price$22.00
Stripped - Elizabella CosmeticsStripped - Elizabella Cosmetics
Stripped Sale price$22.00
Au Natural - Elizabella CosmeticsAu Natural - Elizabella Cosmetics
Au Natural Sale price$22.00
Exposed - Elizabella CosmeticsExposed - Elizabella Cosmetics
Exposed Sale price$22.00
Iman - Elizabella CosmeticsIman - Elizabella Cosmetics
Iman Sale price$22.00
Naomi - Elizabella CosmeticsNaomi - Elizabella Cosmetics
Naomi Sale price$22.00
Tyra - Elizabella CosmeticsTyra - Elizabella Cosmetics
Tyra Sale price$22.00

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